Power and Electrical Switch Gear

Creative Electronics & Automation (Crest) is a group of professionals working since 1993 & has been accredited to “ISO 9001 : 2008” by UK for Design, Manufacturing, and Providing independent switch-gear engineering and design services to consultants, contractors and end users Design and Manufacture of Custom-Built Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Switch Panels Utilizing our considerable background knowledge in the design and manufacture of custom built and standard switch panel construction, Switchgear Technology can produce designs to suit specific customer requirements. Our flexible design principles are utilized within our sub-distribution board assemblies, which have been incorporated in free standing riser distribution lv switch panels for new projects, or for the modification of existing equipment where a sub-frame assembly has been installed within an existing carcass. Our Main LV. Distribution Switchgear utilizes the same flexible design principles as incorporated within our sub-distribution board assemblies ensuring an equally adaptable system.

Power and Electrical Switch Gear Services

Our experienced engineers have more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in developing resilient and effective switching solutions. Flexible working and working with our customers and end-users, we aim to precisely meet the various requirements of each single project and provide a solution that will deliver the best results.

  • Provides complete reliability to power systems.
  • Provide discrimination between the faulty section and the healthy section of a power system.
  • Switch Gear provides quick operation when fault occur on any part of power system so that no damage done to generators.
  • Swith Gear should be simple and have good design quality.


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  • Switch Gear have manual control so if the electrical control fails, the necessary operation can be carried out by manual control.
  • There must be provision for instruments that may be needed. These may be in the form of an ammeter or voltmeter on the unit itself or the current and voltage transformers needed to connect to the main distribution panel or a separate dashboard.

Our Global Partners

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The TBC cast resin busway is ideally suited for applications that require high degrees of protection and proven reliability in harsh operating environments.Innovation Design, Rated voltage – up to 1000 V, Current Rating 600 – 6400 A (Cu); 600 – 4000 A (Al) Class F (150 ⁰C)

Applications : IP68 ingress protection, Fire resistant, Explosion proof, Chemical resistant, Seismic certified.


LINKK Busway systems with strong R&D resources, perfect quality and satisfactory service and have successfully completed many projects to overseas and local market.

Products Plug-in Bus ductElbows, Flange End, End Feed Cable Box, End Cover, Expansion Joint, Transposition Unit, Reducer.


DEIF Engine Controls has solutions for diesel, gas, hydro control technology and switchboard equipment’s.

ProductPower management, Island operation-single Genset (Genset and voltage controller), Protection (Generator protection unit, Relays), HMI (Human Machine Interface), Switchboard Equipment’s (Alarm Panels, Analogue Meters, Battery Chargers, Current Transformers, Energy Meters, Counters, Synchronizers and Transducers).

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