Mechanical Engineering

Creative Electronics & Automation (Crest) is a group of professionals working since 1993 & has been accredited to “ISO 9001 : 2008” by UK for Design with highly qualified team that will provide you the best services. We have trained technicians that can provide you any service or repair related to mechanical works. Following services are providing in our mechanical workshop

Mechanical Engineering Solutions and Services

Since 1993 Creative Electronics & Automation regularly provided high-quality mechanical engineering design services. We offer new solutions and a new perspective. Because we work with such a diverse clientele, we develop innovative hybrid solutions by adapting ideas from one sector to another.

  • Analyze the problems to see how mechanical devices can help solve the problem with the help of our high-quality mechanical engineering solutions.
  • Design or redefine mechanical and thermal devices using computer-aided analyses and designs.
  • Develop and test prototypes of devices they design.


Mechanical engineering is one of the largest engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers study, design, develop, and build They test mechanical and thermal devices, including tools, engines and machines.

  • Analyze test results and modify the mechanical design as needed.
  • Supervise all the manufacturing process of the mechanical devices.
  • We use innovative mechanical engineering solutions. And high quality design including power-producing machines.

Our Clients

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