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                Sliding Rolling Gate
                Dual Swing Gate
                Roll Up Gate
                Boom Gate





One-stop smart lighting solutions, including smart lighting hardware solutions, all-in-one apps, home lighting apps and commercial lighting. You can now make any smart lighting products and solutions, and build any lighting scenarios you
Ceiling Lights /Down Lights
Ambient Lights



 Safety and Security
 Smart Home                 
 Smart Locks
 Door/ Window  Sensors
 Wireless Alarms
SOS Switch
Gas Leak
CareSmart Cameras
Door & Window Detector CL-B3
Wireless Keyboard

Smart Sensors: Cutting-edge, IoT-enabled devices designed to perceive and monitor real-world environmental conditions with high accuracy. They collect data in real-time, analyze it, and transmit valuable insights to connected systems, enabling intelligent automation and data-driven decision-making across industries and applications.

PIR Motion Sensor

Smoke Sensor


Gas Sensor

Door/Window Sensor 

Siren Water Leakage Sensor

Hum&Temp Sensor

A Wi-Fi mesh network utilizes multiple interconnected nodes for seamless coverage. Unlike traditional setups, mesh systems offer better signal strength, wider coverage, and seamless roaming. Nodes communicate wirelessly or through wired backhaul connections, ensuring stable Wi-Fi across the network. They are easily expandable, allowing for custom coverage by adding more nodes as needed. This scalable, reliable system eliminates dead zones and ensures a consistent Wi-Fi experience throughout the space.





Hotel Glass Panel Switch
Hotel Aluminium Brushed Pattern Panel Switch
Glass Panel Switch
Hotel Stainless Steel Brushed Pattern Panel Switch





MF + Double USB
1 Gang 2 Way
2 + 1 Dimmer
Mf Single
Euro Socket



20A/30A High Power Switch
Smart Plug
Remote Controller
Mini Switches
Curtain Switches
Scene Switches
PCBA Customization






Networking Switch
Light Switch
Dimmer Switch
Hotel Card Key Switch
Wirelss Door Bell System

Smart Slide Curtain, WiFi / Zigbee Curtain Track

Finished Curtain

Smart Roller Shade Driver

Sun Cool Series, Ramie Series

T Series Full Blackout Fabric

Victoria Series



Curtain Motor

Opening and Closing Curtain Motor

Wifi Tubular Motor

Smart Shutter Motor

Customize Curtain Track

Home Automation Roller Shades







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