Earthing and Lightning Protection

Creative Electronics & Automation (Crest) is a group of professionals working since 1993 & has been accredited to “ISO 9001 : 2008” by UK for Design, Manufacturing, and Export of Electronics Products & Industrial IT Services. Crest being the only LED Lights manufacturer in Pakistan having complete automatic LED assembly line with international level testing facility. Crest is one of the LED Lights supplier with the distribution and backup network all over the Pakistan.

Earthing and Lightning Protection Solutions

Since 1993, Creative Electronics & Automation providing solutions for the Earthing and Lightning Protection. Creative Electronics & Automation has more than 25 years of experience. From design to manufacturing, risk assessment and systems design consulting. We offers a recognized global solution for the earthing and lightning protection.

  • Soil resistance studies (conducted to determine site-specific grounding requirements).
  • Design of site-specific grounding systems based on known local soil resistance. Or the results of a soil resistance study.
  • Installing grounding systems for Backup generators.
  • Installing grounding systems for Power Pillars.


Lightning strikes the ground more than 100,000 times a year. A regulatory-compliant lightning conductor system provides the necessary vital protection. Grounding creates an alternative path for the flow of faults. Excessive currents to the ground safely. 

  • Installing grounding systems for Static (complete with disconnection sets for loading/unloading tankers.
  • Placing grounding systems for LV and HV supply systems.
  • Grounding systems for Technical grounding for equipment sensitive to defect currents.
  • Installing grounding systems for Transformers.

Our Global Partners for Earthing and Lightning Protection Solutions

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Marconite® is the world’s premium electrically conductive material, used as backfill to enhance the effects of earth electrodes. Marconite (UK) Pre-Fabricated Earthing Electrode is economical solution for obtaining low ground resistance.



Uskuna® Engineering Company Ltd was founded in 2011, by Electrical and Electronics Engineer Ramazan Köse, to satisfy the gap in the Engineering sector in Turkey. In a short time, we started to manufacture Flash Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Conductors, Flash Lightning Counters, Flash Lightning Testers and all other installation parts about Flash Lightning Conductors.

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