Factory Automation

Creative Electronics & Automation (Crest) is a group of professionals working since 1993. It has been accredited to “ISO 9001 : 2008” by UK for Design, Factory Automation Solutions, Manufacturing, and Export of Electronics Products & Industrial IT Services. Crest being the only LED Lights manufacturer in Pakistan having complete automatic LED assembly line with international level testing facility. Crest is one of the LED Lights supplier with the distribution and backup network all over the Pakistan.

Factory Automation Solutions and Services

Following are the solutions which factory automation division provides and the projects which they do. 

Vision System

Marine Monitoring System

Monitoring and System Control

Power/ Energy Monitoring System

Process Automation System

Why factory automation?

Factory Automation Solutions process is a widely accepted form of production. It has made great strides in the production process as a whole. Factory Automation has led to the production of sophisticated parts with similar output qualities. In conclusion It provides a low fluctuation of general tolerances.

  • Increase production or productivity.
  • Improves quality predictability.
  • Improves robustness of process or products.
  • Increase production consistency.
  • Reducing direct human labor costs.
  • Helps operations to reduce cycle time.
  • Install automation when high degree of accuracy is required.

Our Global Partners
(Authorized Distributor)

Omron Logo

OMRON intelligent components is the building blocks of new consumer and industrial products. Omron provides a wide spectrum of equipment. Sensors and programmable controllers automate control on manufacturing lines. It provides with all their products, PLC, HMI, VFD, Counters, Relays, Sensors, Switches, Safety Components, Power Supplies etc.

AdAstraA Logo

AdAstrA Research Group LTD. It is the biggest Russian manufacturer of real time programs for process control. For the first time, AdAstrA has combined powerful TRACE-MODE version 6 process control. Development tools with the software for the development of manufacturing business-process control systems like SCADA, HMI, SOFTLOGIC, EAM, MES, HRM.


SIELCO SISTEMI is an Italian company. It offers SCADA / HMI solutions. Their SCADA software is easy to use, flexible and low cost. Their clients are system integrators, electrical installers, manufacturers and production managers. All their products are: Winlog pro, Pclog, IOlog etc.

simex Logo

Simex offers design, engineering and manufacture of systems and components. In the areas of measurement and control systems, machine building, automation. And process control with their products: Indicators / Controllers, Data recorders. Also meters, sensors / transmitters, converters, Power supplies, isolators.

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