Fayyaz M Khan

Director of Administrator

Fayyaz Muhammad Khan is the director of Creative Electronics and Automation, director of administration and civil engineering. Before joining Creative Electronics and Automation, he worked as a road engineer at FinnRoad and general consultants. As a road engineer, Fayyaz has prepared a road map throughout Pakistan to improve road maintenance productivity and ensure quality control.

Fayyaz Mohammad Khan recently collaborated with the London-based company Civil Engineering Contractors, Polling Plc for the NRC as a Global Site Engineer Consultant at the Khari – Rawalpindi Additional Carriageway Project in Pakistan. Previously he worked for the Government of Pakistan at the Ministry of Labor and Personnel and as Assistant Director Abroad.

Fayaz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore and a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Liverpool in the UK.

With more than 25 years of involvement in structural construction projects and automation. The huge conspiracy of generosity includes the design of natural sciences and structures. They can be found at fayyaz@crestpak.com

Director of Administrator‚Äč
Technical Director

Shahzad M Khan

Technical Director

Shahzad Mohammad Khan is the technical director of Creative Electronic and Automation. Shehzad has more than 25 years of professional experience and played an important role in the introduction of electronic energy-saving products in Pakistan. Shahzad has successfully developed industrial solutions for different industries and is a member of the Pakistan Engineering Council.

Shahzad’s skills include engineering management, engineering and control solutions for OEMs, process automation, renewable energy, power backup solutions, green energy lighting solutions and product development and design.

Shahzad cooperates with Omron, an electronics company based in Japan, as a recognized distributor and supplier of system integrators in Pakistan. They have designed and implemented Omron PLC-based control of the backwash system for water treatment in Pakistan. In collaboration with Omron, Shahzad Omron has implemented PLCCQM One-based control from Toll Plaza on Murree Road, Kohat Tunnel and Pakistan Highways.

Following the approval of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahzad was appointed as an industrial member of the National Science and Technology Commission, Pakistan in 2014. Shehzad is also a member of the board of directors of the Electrical Engineering department at Capital University of Science and Technology , Pakistan.

Shahzad did his B.Sc. In Electrical Engineering and MSc in Electrical Engineering from Taxila, University of Engineering and Technology. He can be reached at dt@crestpak.com.

Sajjad M Khan

Director of Marketing

Sajjad Mohammad Khan is the Managing Partner and head of Marketing Badge Creative Electronic and Automation. Sajjad Muhammad Khan heads the marketing operations of Creative Electronics and Automation and oversees the strategic marketing of the company.

With more than 25 years of experience in marketing, Sajjad is responsible for managing the supply chain management of Creative products. Sajjad holds expertise in green energy marketing and is a LED lighting professional.

Sajjad is a member of LED Lighting Association. His areas of interest include renewable energy marketing and LED lighting. Sajjad has successfully launched a wide-scale media marketing campaign to educate the Pakistani masses of the wider benefits of green energy and LED lighting.

Sajjad did his Bachelor’s degree from Government Gordon College, Rawalpindi and MBA with a major in Marketing from Pakistan-American Institute of Management Sciences, Lahore. Reach Sajjad Muhammad Khan via dm@crestpak.com.

Director of Marketing

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