Power/Energy Monitoring System for Packages Lahore

Energy monitoring aims of CrestPak to provide users with information about their consumption patterns and is carried out using SCADA that gathers consumption data, analyses it and then provides useful information directly to the client’s device. This shows users how much energy they are using and how it is used at any time of the day.

Modbus RTU-slave devices (Adtek CPM-12A) are connected to MDC-714 concentrator through Modbus RS-485. Server PC collects the values from MDC-714 and Modbus TCP-slave devices Janitza (UMG96RM-EL) through Modbus TCP protocol, then displays on Winlog SCADA application.

Note: Network devices and protocols can be different depending upon client’s requirements.

Upto 65,000 Tags.

Can be monitored & controlled remotely through web.