Ship Monitoring System


Monitoring & Control System by CrestPak of Vessel is designed for the continuous monitoring of ship’s machinery status, parameter, generating alarms, performing safety trips, data logging of parameters, viewing reports and printing of reports. This system is monitoring SSDGS, Main Engines, Reduction gears, Controllable Propeller Pitch, steering Gear and Engine Order Telegraph. The main parameters and status being monitored are temperatures, pressures, RPM, fuel flow, CPP Angle, Control Position, Control Supply failure.


OMRON, WINLOG, JMOBILE, Aplisens, EXOR, Winmate.


The Monitoring & Alarm System is designed to display the monitoring at 4 locations, locally it displays all the safety indications & master fault of SSDGs, Main Engines & Reduction Gears. At Watch Room it displays all the parameters, statuses & alarm. 24” color graphic display in a Watch Room displays all the parameters, statuses, alarms, trips, data logging, viewing and maintaining reports with printing facility.

15” color graphic display is provided in MEO cabin which displays all parameters, statuses, alarm, trips indications & also display alarm history.

Wheel House Console displays parameters, statuses, indication of alarm and trips. 15” color graphic display shows the parameters, statuses, alarm history, alarm & trips indications.

For the communication between Watch Room, MEO Cabin & Bridge, Intercom is provided. In case of power interruption, a dedicated backup of online UPS is installed in Watch Room. In order to achieve the proper environment Air Conditioning unit is also installed in Watch Room.