Pre - Fabricated Earthing Electrodes

Maintenance free & Permanent Grounding Solution with 20 feet pure copper wire.

By adding Marconite and Cement in specific aggregate, a conductive concrete is formed.
This electrically conductive medium is specially developed for Grounding.
Characteristics of an Marconite Earthing System :-
Good Electrical Conductivity
• High Fault Current Withstand
• 40 Years Plus Working Life
• Low Resistance & Impedance
• Good Corrosion Resistance
• Robust & Reliable
• Feasible to Earth Fault Current Short
Circuit & Lightning
Personnel Safety
Equipment and Building Protection
Electrical Noise Reduction
Grounding of power transformers.
• Solar Power System.
• Generators & Telecom.
• Lightning Protection.
The other type of earth electrode shown in figure
get rusted and corroded due to oxidation process
under the soil.
Once rusting and corrosion starts its resistance
ohm value will be increase, develop air gap
between soil and electrode and disconnect the
earthing / grounding continuity and conductivity.

Note: Other sizes are available on request

1) Make an Ø75mm bore hole with a depth of atleast 3m.
2) Pass a rope from the hole to the copper bar and lower the prefab electrode into the bore
hole vertically. Make sure that the grounding wire comes out from the hole.
3) Pull the rope from one side out of the hole.
4) Backfill the bore with fine soil and add water in layers so that there should be no voids left
(Note: Don’t use sand to backfill the bore.)