Timer Training Kit

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  • Description:

    • The kit is designed that all features, modes and possible functions of timers can be explained on a single kit. This Timer kit is equipped with toggle switches, push buttons and LED's for completed control operation of the timers. There are five timers used on the kit and each one have different mode selected. The selected mode of the timers is also given on the kit in printed form. Each timer can be selected through their respective toggle switch. Control button are common to the all timers, so that only one timer can be operated at one time. This is a simple and comprehensive kit for the beginner level training and can also be used for the professional level.
    • Workbench Features:

    • 1. Introduction to different types of timers.
    • 2. Familiarity to timer's modes.
    • 3. Introduction to timers modes like ON-delay, Flicker OFF start, Flicker ON start, Signal ON/OFF-delay, Signal OFF-delay, One-shot.
    • 4. One of the on board timers can also be used as counter.
    • 5. Timing charts of all modes are printed on the kit.
    • 6. Toggle switches for selection of timers.
    • 7. Output indicators, indicating selected timer.
    • 8. Fuse for over current protection.
    • 9. Push Buttons for reset, start & toggle switch for gate signal.
    • 10. Wall mounted kit.
    • 11. Built in 24VDC Power Supply for kit operation.
    • 12. 220V AC as input voltage to kit.
    • 13. User Manual and Training Kit Tutorials are provided.

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