Switch Gear Training Kit

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  • Description:

    • The switch gear trainer is designed to provide training of Motor starters which includes:a (Direct online starterb)Star-Delta Starterc) Forward Reverse Starter of 3 Phase induction motors.It is a simulator for industrial motor control starter. The switch gear system will help to understand basic industrial operations of a 3-Phase AC motor. The apparatus provides three modes for operating the motor. Onboard timer, relays and contactor clarify the wiring concepts of learners.
    • Workbench Features:

    • Easy-to-use and compact demonstrating kit for beginners and students.
    • Complete operation with Push Buttons, Selector Switches, Changeover Switches, and Indicator lamps to demonstrate various operation modes of 3-Phase AC motor.
    • Three important operational modes of AC motors i.e. Star-Delta, Reverse-Forward and Direct-On-Line Modes are shown on the kit.
    • Selector switches for Manual and Auto selection.
    • External Interface through XLR cables from PLC's and other source.
    • Indication lamps are given to show the ON/OFF status of each operation.
    • Ammeter for current consumption.
    • Emergency button for emergency stop of operation.
    • 3-phase geared motor with fan for function demonstration at slow speed.
    • 3-Phase Circuit breaker for Over current protection.
    • Silk screened panel face with graphic representation of component connection points, motor lead numbers and control wiring schematic.

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