Solar Geyser

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Material of the components consists of


  • The pipeline is made of red copper and conducted by heat transfer medium liquid
  • Temperature preservation is equipped with standard electric water heater setting, automatic temperature control exchanger, and increased anode magnesium bars sticking to prevent furring
  • The insulating layer uses polyurethane bulk bubble and has good effect of temperature preservation.
  • water tank(interior) porcelain enamel
  • manifold: aluminum alloy & red copper
  • Glass tube: New trivalent element heat tube
  • Solar working station
  • With heat pipe: anti-freezing >-35°C
  • Water capacity: 150litre, 200Litre, 300Litre
  • Pressure: 6 Bars
  • Daily Efficiency: >=55%(>=42% in winter)
  • Heat preservation: 72h to 80h



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