Relay Training Kit

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  • Description:

    • Relays are the basic components of almost all-electrical control panels i.e. conventional control system and PLC based control system. Relays have different types and have different working principles depending on their construction. In these operational kits, different relays are shown in working condition. Relays are used here to represent the function of logic gates. Logic Gates are the circuit which decide to say "YES"" or "NO" at the output based upon the inputs. There are three basic type of logic gates i.e.
    • 1) AND GATE
    • 2) OR GATE
    • 3) NOT GATE
    • Workbench Features:

    • 1. Principles of Relay logic development are explained.
    • 2. Introduction to different types of relays used in industries.
    • 3. Achieving Boolean logic like NOT, AND, OR logic using relays.
    • 4. Solid state Relay, Latching relay used just for display purpose.
    • 5. Kit gives good exposure to conventional relay logic of industry.
    • 6. Logic gate are printed for short hand reference.
    • 7. Indicators are used to demonstrate relays output.
    • 8. Built in 24VDC Power Supply for switches & output indicators.
    • 9. User Manual and Training Kit Tutorials are provided.

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