Proximity Sensor Training Kit

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  • Description:

    • Proximity sensors training kit is a basic tool for beginners to get acquainted with principles and working of different types of sensors. Users of this kit will learn to operate various sensors and will be able to connect sensors to PLC. The kit provides opportunity to practice the hysterics of the mounted sensors.
    • Workbench Features:

    • Introduction to the working principles and types of proximity sensors.
    • Learning methods of detecting objects by sensors.
    • Techniques for connecting sensors to PLC.
    • Includes inductive proximity sensors & capacitive proximity sensors.
    • Provision for connection with other products relating to hydraulics, pneumatics, PLCs and robots.
    • Built in 24VDC Power Supply for kit operation.
    • LEDs are connected with each sensor to show the status of sensors.
    • Object box containing objects for detection is provided.
    • XLR external control for use with PLC Trainer & other devices.
    • User Manual and Training Kit Tutorials are provided.

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