Creative Electronics & Automation is an ISO 9001 approved company working with group of professionals since 1993 in the field of Electronics, Automation & Control. Creative Electronics & Automation has been accredited by "ISO 9001:2008" by UKAS Management System, UK for Design and Export of Electronic Products & Industrial IT Services. We are authorized distributors of Omron, AdAstra, FIL Induction Lamps & Fine-power.

1. Factory Automation & Embedded Controls Division:

  • OMRON (Japan) PLC and Control Components, DCS (Distributed Control System).
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) & Data Logging.
  • PLC Programming (IEC 61131-3), LADDER Programming.
  • Fatek Automation Solution, Taiwan.
  • Soft Starters and Variable Speed Drives (POWER ELECTRONICS, SPAIN).
  • SIMEX, Variable Process Solution, POLAND.
  • HC Anti-Harmonic Active Filter (SALICRU SPAIN).
  • Sequence Control System (For Air Conditioners).
  • Universal Measuring Device, (Janitza Electronics, Germany).
  • PLC Training Kits, OMRON, FATEK, DELTA.
  • Cabling Solutions (HALUKABEL, Germany).

2. Lighting Solutions (FIL):

  • Fine Induction Lamp Technology (Energy Saving Light) with 5 years replacement warranty and 100,000 hours life and 0.98 power factor.
  • Emergency Light from with battery back up of 1 to 3 hours. (1) FESL T5 in T8 Tube Light high Energy Saving 0.95 power factor. 20,000 hours life, 95 lumens/watt output. (2) FESL LED Down lighters and LED Tube Rods

3. Solar Solutions:

  • Solar Water Heater (Geyser) Solution, domestic & industrial.
  • Solar Home Solution, DC Fan & Lamp, Solar Pool Heating Solution.
  • Solar FIL Street Light Solution.
  • Solar GSM Solution, Solar Billboard Lighting Solution, Solar Traffic Signals.
  • Solar Power House Solution, Solar Cooling & Heating Solution.

4. Power Generation & Protection Division:

  • Diesel/Gas, 5 KVA-2250 KVA, (Deutz Series, Cummins Series, Perkins Series).
  • UPS (Finepower & Salicru Spain), Uninterrupted Power Supply, Long Backup Series.
  • Stabilizers/Servo Motor, Single Phase, Three Phase, 500VA to 5MW.
  • Surge Protection Devices.
  • Fingerprint & Card Attendance, Access Controls System.
  • Earthing Solutions.

5. Security & Safety Division

  • We provide safety & security solution which include;
    Security Cameras (IP & CCTV), Security Sensors, Motion Sensors, Occupancy Sensors, Portable Barriers, Gate Drive System and Security Glass Films.

6. Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Plants (Purepro USA)


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