Pressure Tester Training Kit

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  • Description:

    • Pressure tester kit is a compact learning tool. It equally useful for beginners and experts. K3C type pressure controller is used for controlling purposes. It receives data from E8M-10 pressure sensor. The values are compared with the predefined values stored in the controller. Two lamps are provided as Pass and Fail indicators. The kit can be used to control pressure in any external process via the controller external interface. The kit has wide applications in pressure testing of sports goods like soccer balls, in laboratories for testing and maintaining containers pressure and in industries for the same purpose. Workbench Features:
    • Auto calibration function.
    • Pass & Fail indicators.
    • It can be used to verify internal pressure of objects.
    • K3C type pressure controller.
    • E8M-10 pressure sensor is used.
    • Pressure tester kit is widely used in sports industries for measuring soccer ball pressure.
    • User Manual and Training Kit Tutorials are provided.

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