Photoelectric Sensor Training Kit

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  • Description:

    • Photoelectric sensor training kit is ready to use sensors kit. All the sensors onboard are operational. Each Sensor is provided with output indicator and an XLR port to connect the sensor with PLC or any other programmable device. The kit is equipped with a 24V DC power supply to meet the power requirements of the sensors. In addition to all an object box is provided. It contains different object to be used with sensors. Kit's power supply is protected via a fuse between the supply and Line. Various types of sensors as digital fiber, through beam, diffused type and color mark sensors are provided to give a wider exposure to the world of sensors. Photoelectric sensors kit is designed both as desktop and wall mounting apparatus which make it perfect for less space environments.
    • Workbench Features:

    • Consist of digital fiber, through beam, diffused type sensors XLRs for connection with PLC.
    • Output indicators for each sensor.
    • Can be interfaced with other products through XLR ports e.g. PLC, hydraulics products.
    • Object box containing objects for detection is provided.
    • Kit also includes color mark sensors.
    • Built in 24VDC power supply for control operation.
    • User Manual and Training Kit Tutorials are provided.

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