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Power Generator Canopies


  • Sound Proof enclosure of low noise (68 to 75 Dba) at 3 meters.
  • It is durable and fully detachable (Dis-mountable type).
  • pg canopy
  • Enclosure has the provision for proper cooling system.
  • Sufficient air for engine aspiration and proper heat dissipation.
  • Equipped with specially designed Residential Silencers which maintain low noise level.
  • Enclosures equipped with vibration mountings and expansion bellows which maintain low vibrations.
  • Easy maintenance- Door provided at all sides.
  • Easy monitoring- Inspection Window, Easy Handling & Easy Transportation. 
  • Product range includes:
  • Silent Canopy
  • Sound Proof Canopy
  • Generator Canopy
  • Generator Set with Canopy
  • Sound & Emission Compliant Generator
  • Set Generator Set with Alternator, etc.
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  • Distribution Board

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  • Electric Panels Automation

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  • HMC Automation Panel


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