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FESL T5 in T8 is mainly used to replace inductive traditional T8 tubes. It is integration of fluorescent tube with mini ballast at the ends of tube. Any malfunction can be repaired easily. It is reusable and user friendly product. Manufactured as a double tube design, Inner tube is T5 tube which is illuminant, outer tube is made of glass or polycarbonate. Separate ballast and starter isn't required for use with it.  A very convenient to install product.


Product features:

  1. Save cost, energy saving up to 50%, use by one year can save a half year's consumption.
  2. Super long lifespan, 12 months Warranty.
  3. Low tube temperature -20°C, constant temperature design.
  4. No flicking, vision protect.
  5. Low temperature start up technology.
  6. Quick & Easy installation.
  7. Clear & Transparent Light, High CRI.
  8. Low brightness declines, high light efficiency.


  • Nine great advantages for industry
  1. Energy saving up to 50%, no worry for long time lighting.
  2. High color temperature, clear and transparent light which makes products more attractive and beautiful.
  3. No need for separate ballast, easy installation, no punches of wires inside light box.
  4. It is a trouble to replace the lamps inside light box, waste human resource and lamps costs, FESL light super long lifespan, reduce replace times, saves costs, once for all.
  5. Low tube temperature -20C, no ballast cause the high temperatures, the temperature inside little light box will not do harm to the shape of light box.
  6. Common T5 tubes need the fixture, and cause one side of light block by the fixture, Feels light special structure, 360 degree light, more suitable for the light.
  7. FESL light introduce unique buffer start up until, can be light up in very low temperatures outdoor.
  8. Two ends use the anti-high temperatures plastic, well insulated.
  9. By use of reflector efficiency of light is increased 20% more.





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