Basic & Limit Swich Training Kit

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  • Description:

    • The Basic & Limit Switches Demonstration kit is just for displaying purpose. This kit will familiar the students with different of Basic & Limit switches, their actuators types and their different shapes.Limit & Basic switches are uses in almost in all industries. However, some major industries are: Industry Application:
    • 1. Food/Beverage Processing
    • 2. Marble Cutting
    • 3. HVAC
    • 4. Machine Tool
    • 5. Printing
    • 6. Textile
    • 7. Petrochemical Processing & Material Handling etc
    • Workbench Features:

    • Basic objective of this demonstrating panel is to give an idea of working principle of widely available industrial switches at one glance.
    • Kit includes Pin Plunger, Hinge Lever, Simulated Roller Lever, Hinge Roller Lever, Short Hinge Lever, Long Hinge Lever, Short Hinge Roller Lever, Panel Mount Roller Plunger, Panel Mount Cross Roller Plunger, Roller Leaf Spring Type Actuator, Low Force Hinge Lever and Basic Switches.
    • Limit switches like plunger roller type actuator, plunger sealed roller, plunger ball type actuator, coil spring type actuator, horizontal plunger roller, horizontal plunger plain, horizontal plunger ball, side rotary roller lever, side rotary adjustable roller lever, top plunger roller type actuator, one way roller plunger lever are displayed.

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