HCT-E15000 LED Pick and Place Machine


E15000 visual identity 4 head high-speed pick and place machine is specially designed leading products for LED lighting industry in SMT equipment field. X, Y axis is equipped with imported precision lead screw and guide rail, Z axis configuration 4 sets of servo motor, not only enhance the equipment smooth coordination, reduce the abnormal noise, and greatly improve the SMT precision and speed. It is the best choice of LED lighting lamps and lanterns enterprises.



Good accuracy:vision system is different from machines which adopts locating pin and mechanical origin alignment,guarantee accuracy ,and make up for accuracy Highly efficiency:the maximum speed can reach 0.16S/CHIP.and the actual spped is 0.23S/CHIP Wide application:Different types of SMD LED(0402,0603,0805,3014,3528,5050,ect) And HIGH POWER LED. Good stability:Imported main parts guarantee the dural time and stability of machine.


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