ETA Semi-Auto Printer P400



  • Using precision guide rail and the import motor to drive the blade seat conversion, printing, and high accuracy.
  • Printing scraper can rotate 45 degrees fixed up, easy printing stencil and squeegee cleaning and replacement.
  • Block can be adjusted before and after the blade, to choose the right printing position.
  • Combined with a fixed groove printing platen and PIN, easy installation and adjustment, for single, double sided printing.
  • School Edition way to move a steel mesh, combined with printed (PCB), X, Y, Z. Convenient fine adjustment.
  • Can be set to one-way and two-way, a variety of printing methods.
  • With the automatic counting function to facilitate the production of output statistics.
  • Adjustable blade angle, steel blade, rubber scraper are suitable.
  • Touch screen with a screen saver function, the time can be adjusted to protect the touch-screen life.
  • Printing speed display, can be adjusted.

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