1. Heating System

  • Eight groups of top and bottom forced hot air convection heating zones.
  • Patented heating plates in each zone uniformly transfer heat to the PCBs using forced hot air convection.
  • Independent temperature control in each zone to ensure temperature uniformity within the process tunnel.
  • Power consumption savings of 1/3 as compared to other systems
  • Patented motorized blower in each zone is designed to ensure stable air pressure, withstand high process temperature and is disturbance-free
  • Audible and light tower alarm for temperature limits, PCB drop, PCB jam and blower malfunction
  • Fast start-up (within 20 minutes) from room temperature to work temperature due to the high efficiency of the motorized heating plates.

2. Cooling System

  • Two (2) groups of forced air convection cooling zones
  • Distortion-free Conveyor System with Automated Chain Lubrication
  • Combined pin chain rail and mesh belt conveyor system (Note: Mesh belt is not available on machines with center board support.)
  • Closed-loop computer control of the conveyor provides a precise and repeatable reflow process
  • Automated chain lubrication system with a computer controlled central reservoir. Lubricant is added directly to the conveyor brush eliminating operator interface for this maintenance

3. Fresh Air Recharge System

  • Fresh air is supplied to each zone uniformly to provide a rapid process transfer.

4. Flux Management System

  • Air amplifier forces supercharged flux collection and recirculation.
  • Flux exhaust chimney with drawer shaped filter net is easy to access for maintenance.

5. Control System

  • PC control system with windows based control software.

6. Features

  • imported high-quality heating components to ensure high stability and reliability of system.
  • Computer + PID intelligent operation controller,control heat automatically, ensure temperature equilibrium.
  • A special structure of forced hot air circulation system, the upper and lower heating method, heating up fast, high thermal efficiency.
  • Temperature tolerance alarm, fault diagnosis function.
  • Imported high-temperature motor, smooth running, long life, low noise.
  • Independent cooling zone to ensure the output temperature of PCB board.
  • Special stainless steel mesh belt, no deformation for long time.
  • ETA patent heating technology for heating system.
  • Independent small wind cycles design, suitable for BGA and CSP components, such as high-quality welding.
  • Imported wind transport system with triple wind device, high heat exchange efficiency.
  • Independent wheel structure and the level support, with combination of stainless steel mesh belt, smooth operation.

7. Additional Features

  • Integrated UPS will be automatically activated in case of main power failure and will keep control PC and conveyor running for minimum 8 minutes to send out PCBs inside the oven tunnel.
  • Motorized hood lift allows easy access to the inside of the oven for service and maintenance.
  • Five (5) profiling ports and integrated profiling software are designed for convenient temperature profiling.
  • Swing arm control PC station.
  • Four (4) emergency stop switches.
  • Two (2) exhaust ports.
  • SMEMA interface
  • System documentation

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